Q48 How do I choose the type of thermocouple(type E or type K)?

The difference between type E and type K thermocouples is the measurement range of the thermometer.
In addition, there is no difference between type E and type K in terms of tolerance and price, but type E tends to have less deterioration over time, and type K is popular for general industrial use.
However, in order to measure the temperature correctly, it is necessary to select the same type of thermocouple for the thermometer and the temperature probe.

(Reference) Measurement temperature range of HR series

1℃ E -200~800℃
 K ー200~1370℃
0.1℃ E ー104.9~504.9℃
 K ー104.9~504.9℃

The K type has a wide measurement temperature range and is suitable for high temperature measurement.

If you already have a thermocouple thermometer...

Please select the same thermocouple type as the thermometer or temperature probes you have.

If you make a measurement with the wrong combination of thermocouples...

A combination of different types can't measure the correct temperature.