Handheld Thermoprinter Model AP-400 series

Mode AP-400 series thermometers have built-in printers for on-the-spot printing of measurement data.

ハンディタイプ プリンタ付温度計測器 AP-400E/400K

Measurement Range:
E -200 to 800°C / K -200 to 1370°C

Manual print:
Manual print-out is available simply by pushing the PRINT key. Measured data with absolute time(Hours:Minutes:Seconds) can be printed.

Interval Print:
The SET key enables the operator to select a time mode from eight kinds of intervals

Number print:
The numbering print provides the sequential numbering and measured data.

Memory function:
The memory function makes it possible to batch print the measured data stored in the internal memory.(max.100 lines data)

(Temperature probes not included)

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Input connector





Input (Thermocouple type)

Type E or K 
(Not switchable)

Type E, K, J, T, R
(Not switchable)

Signal source resistance


Measurement range


Measurement accuracy


Reference junction
compensation accuracy

±0.2°C at 25°C±10°C

Temperature coefficient

±0.01% of measurement range / °C : Outside 25°C±10°C

Environmental limit


0 to 40°C, 0 to 80%RH (Non condensing)


-20 to 50°C, 0 to 85%RH (Non condensing)

Sampling rate


Battery life


power supply

Dry battery

4 AA Alkaline dry cell batteries

AC power

AC Adaptor(optional accessories)


Digital linearizer method (compliant with IEC 60584-1(2013))

Print out

Character size 2.5mm,Paper width 37mm (1000 lines/roll), Thermal line dot printing


100 data

Internal battery

Lithium battery (For clock backup)


approx. 68(W)╳201(H)╳42(D)mm
[Protruded parts excluded]


approx.350g (include batteries)

Supplied accessories

Soft case,4 AA Alkaline dry cell batteries,
Paper jam fixer, User's manual, Print paper(ACAP4),
Test report and User registration form

Table 1 Measurement Range

1°C Resolution0.1°C Resolution
E-200 to 800°C-104.9 to 504.9°C
K-200 to 1370°C
J-200 to 1100°C
T-200 to 400°C-104.9 to 400.0°C
R0 to 1760°C-

* Switches automatically to 1°C resolution range when messured temperatures fall outside the 0.1°C resolution range.

Table 2 Measurement Accuracy

E, K, J, T0.1°C Resolution0°C to± (0.05% of reading + 0.2°C)
to 0°C± 0.5°C
1°C Resolution0°C to± (0.1% of reading +1°C)
to 0°C± (0.5% of reading +1°C)
R1°C Resolution± (0.1% of reading +3°C)

Table 3 Sampling rate and Battery life

IntervalSampling rateBattery life
No printing mode2times / secondapprox. 110hours
3 seconds2times / secondapprox. 15hours
10 seconds1time / 5secondsapprox. 60hours
30 seconds1time / 5secondsapprox. 90hours
1 minute1time / 10secondsapprox. 120hours
5 minutes1time / minuteapprox. 8days
10 minutes1time / minuteapprox. 9days
30 minutes1time / minuteapprox. 10days
60 minutes1time / minuteapprox. 10days

Optional accessories

AC-adaptorAD-100-500-HR-R(for AC100V),AD-115-500-HR-R(for AC115V),
AD-220-500-HR-R(for AC220V)
Print paperACAP4 (5 pcs/set)

About repair

This product is available for repair. Please ask our dealer.