Low Temperature Probes Model BR series
Type E : BR-10E-0-TS1-ANP
Type K : BR-10K-0-TS1-ANP



Product Info

Temp. range
-100°C to 200°C
-100°C ≦ t < -40°C : ±3.5°C
-40°C ≦ t ≦ 200°C : ±2.5°C
* t : Measured temperature
Response time
1.5 s
More than 6 months
thermocouple (0.9×1.4 (mm))
Diameter : 0.9×1.4(mm) , Sheath material : Teflon , Electric resistance : 38(Ω/m)
Cable type and length
Type E : TS-E 1m
Type K : TS-K 1m

Type E : ANP-E-M-L
Type K : ANP-K-M-L




* The operating temperature limit is determined by the allowable temperature limit of the sensor head contacts the measurement target. Note that the operating temperature limit is not the same as the allowable temperature limits of the grip, cable, and plug.
* The response time given for our temperature measuring probes is the time required to detect 99% of the true value when measuring the temperature of boiling water or vapor.
* When used correctly, virtually no deterioration occurs in these products due to temperature measuring operations. Therefore, the durability is based on the ease with which impact results in damage. The durability is defined as 1 year or more in little or no degradation of quality.
* Please contact the distributor for price and delivery.