Animal tests using hyperthermia equipment,MRI or NMR systems


"The MRI machine emits radio waves in a strong magnetic field, so metals cannot be brought in. However, medical metals (Metal intravascular stents, clips, metal implants, etc.) embedded in the body cannot be removed, so it is necessary to conduct experiments to see how they affect the MRI machine.
Our "Fiber Optic Thermometer" and "Dedicated temperature probes (Flexible type)" don't use metal in the probe's temperature measurement section, so inspection image tests using a phantom and metal heat generation experiments can be performed while taking images within the MRI machine.

Fiber Optic Thermometer


FL-2400(4ch model)

The products in the FL Series can measure temperatures in environments subject to high-frequency waves, microwaves, or high voltages-areas where electric

Fiber probes(Plastic type)