Temperature measurement of billet during induction heating


The "Handheld thermometer" and "High superior surface probe" are suitable for checking whether the actual surface temperature has reached the set temperature after preheating the steel material by induction heating.
The S type series is a high-performance temperature probe for general surface temperature measurement regardless of metal or non-metal, and can measure surface temperature with high response speed, durability and accuracy.

Handheld Thermometer



HD series handheld thermometers allow easy temperature measurement.
These general-purpose thermometers can be used for on-site temperature measurement and various other applications.
*Waterproof specifications : Equivalent to IPX5

High Superior for stationary surface probes



Model SH series probes are ideal for measuring the temperatures of moving or rotating surfaces. The SH series is better suited to small measurement targets than the U series. Specific components may be combined to customize products for the needs of a customer's specific application.