Temperature measurement of heat pipe


By measuring the surface temperature of the heat pipe, it is possible to estimate the thermal conductivity, thermal response, and heat dissipation characteristics of the heat pipe (and heat dissipation fan, etc.).
If you use our "Handheld thermometer" and "Heat pipe probe", you can measure temperature continuously for a long time.
The temperature sensor for the heat pipe is a clip type, so it can be easily attached and detached.
Not only the heat pipe but also any other cylindrical shape can be used.

Handheld Thermometer



HD series handheld thermometers allow easy temperature measurement.
These general-purpose thermometers can be used for on-site temperature measurement and various other applications.
*Waterproof specifications : Equivalent to IPX5

Heat Pipe Probes



Model VA series probes are clip type surface temperature probes to measure temperature of a heat pipe. Specific components may be combined to customize products the needs of a customer's specific application.