Temperature measurement of high voltage transformer coil


If the temperature of the high-voltage transformer rises abnormally, the iron core and windings will be damaged, and the insulation performance will deteriorate due to deterioration of the insulating paper due to overheating.
Therefore, the temperature of the transformer coil must be monitored. Moreover, since it is a very high voltage, it is extremely dangerous if it is not measured with a thermometer that can be insulated.
"Fiber optic thermometer" do not use metal in the temperature measuring part of the probes, so you can insulate correctly and measure temperature even in a high voltage environment.

Fiber Optic Thermometer


FL-2400(4ch model)

The products in the FL Series can measure temperatures in environments subject to high-frequency waves, microwaves, or high voltages-areas where electric

Fiber probes(High durability general-purpose type)



The durable type which sensing made of the same thickness as the cable.