Internal temperature measurement of food etc.


In hygiene control by HACCP, the standard is to heat the food at a center temperature of 75 ℃ or higher for 1 minute or longer.
By using our "Handheld thermometer" and "Internal probe for food", you can control the central temperature of food and measure the temperature of liquid products and boil.

Handheld Thermometer


Model AP-450K

Mode AP-400 series thermometers have built-in printers for on-the-spot printing of measurement data.

General Internal Probes



Model BC series probes are internal temperature probes designed to measure the center temperature of food, liquid or semi-solid materials.It is waterproof (IPX5) and can be washed with running water, so you can use it cleanly and hygienically.In order to prevent contamination, the probes designed to prevent the parts falling off.