Surface temperature measurement of small electronic components


The "Handheld thermometer" and "Micro sensor probe" are suitable for measuring the temperature of small parts such as on the board.
Since the tip diameter is 3 mm and it is very small, it is also possible to measure the temperature of small parts.
When investigating the heat generation of the parts on the board, the surface temperature can be measured accurately without being affected by the emissivity, which is a problem with the radiation thermometer (non-contact thermometer).

Handheld Thermometer



HD series handheld thermometers allow easy temperature measurement.
These general-purpose thermometers can be used for on-site temperature measurement and various other applications.
*Waterproof specifications : Equivalent to IPX5

Micro Sensor Probes



Model CS series probes are small surface temperature sensors designed to measure the temperature of stationary surface.Specific components may be combined to customize products for the needs of a customer's specific application.