Handheld Thermometer HD-1352E / 1352K

ハンディタイプ温度計HD-1302E / 1302K

Measurement Range:E -200 to 800°C / K -200 to 1370°C

The thermometer stops measurement
by the HOLD key and holds the present readings.
Auto power-off
The thermometer will turn the power off automatically after 5minutes.
Resolution change
Press the 1/0.1 key to change the resolution of readings.
P/V Hold
The peak (Max.) value and the valley (Min.) value can be displayed by the P/V HOLD key on the sub-display.
The backlight will operate by the Backlight key and the LCD display will be visible even in a dark place.
The displayed value can be adjusted the CAL SET key.
Alarm output
The thermometer gives an alarm when readings go beyond the high or low limits.
Analog output type

(Temperature probes not included)

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DisplayLCD with Backlight
Waterproof specifications-
Input connectorANP
Input typeThermocouple Input: Type E, K*1
Signal source resistanceMAX.500ohm
Measurement Range1°C ResolutionE-200 to 800°C
K-200 to 1370°C
0.1°C ResolutionE

-104.9 to 504.9°C

(Switches automatically to 1°C resolution range when messured temperatures fall outside the 0.1°C resolution range.)


-104.9 to 504.9°C

(Switches automatically to 1°C resolution range when messured temperatures fall outside the 0.1°C resolution range.)

Measurement Accuracy1°C Resolution0°C to± (0.1% of reading +1°C)
to 0°C± (0.5% of reading +1°C)
0.1°C Resolution0°C to± (0.05% of reading + 0.2°C)
to 0°C±0.5°C
Reference junction compensation accuracy±0.2°C at 25°C±10°C
Temperature Coefficient±0.01% of F/S per °C (F/S : full scale)
Operation Environment

0 to 40°C, 0 to 80%RH (Non condensing)

32 to 104°F, 0 to 80%RH (Non condensing)

Storage Environment

-20 to 50°C, 0 to 85%RH (Non condensing)

-4 to 122°F, 0 to 85%RH (Non condensing)

Battery life150h
Power supply(Dry battery)4 AA Alkali Batteries
Power supply(AC power)AC-Adaptor (Option)
Sampling rateapprox.300ms
LinearlizerDigital Linearizer method (Compliant with IEC 60584-1 (2013))
Dimensions(mm)approx. 76(w)×167(H)×36(D)  [Protruded parts excluded]
Weightapprox. 350g [Include Batteries]
Supplied accessoriesManual,Test report,Soft case,
Hand strap,4 AA Alkaline batteries
Optional accessoriesAlarm output Cable,Analog output Cable
Alarm Output(Table1)
Analog Output10mV/°C (Table2)
Compatible standardsCE Marking, RoHS

*1 Details of typeJ,T,R(option)

Table1 Alarm Output

Output PatternUpper LimitLower Limit
More than upper limitH(5V)L(0V)
Between upper and lower limitL(0V)L(0V)
Less than lower limitL(0V)H(5V)
* Signal current of up to 5mA can be taken out.

Table2 Analog Output (Resistance:100ohm)(Range:All range at 0.1°C resolution)

25°C±5°C±0.15% of F/S+1mV
except 25°C±5°C±((0.15% of F/S+1mV)+(±0.01% of F/S))

Supplied accessories

Test report

Soft case model:SCHD

Hand strap


Alarm output cable


Analog output Cable

Optional accessories


model : A-115-500-HR-R (for AC115V)
model : A-220-500-HR-R (for AC220V)
for HD-1201,HD-1202,HD-1251,HD-1252,HD-1300,HD-1350,HD-1301,HD-1351,HD-1302,HD-1352,HD-1500,HD-1550
* Not CE-approval

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This product is available for repair. Please ask our dealer.