How to order of WE series / Self Supporting Probes



1Head size and
temperature range
(The presence or
absence of grip)

11φ20mm×34mm No grip -50 to 250°C
12φ20mm×34mm No grip -50 to 500°C
13φ20mm×39mm Standard grip -50 to 250°C
14φ20mm×39mm Standard grip -50 to 500°C
21φ30mm×34mm No grip -50 to 250°C
22φ30mm×34mm No grip -50 to 500°C
23φ30mm×39mm Standard grip -50 to 250°C
24φ30mm×39mm Standard grip -50 to 500°C
31φ20mm×15mm No grip -50 to 200°C
33φ20mm×15mm Standard grip -50 to 200°C
42φ30mm×23mm No grip -50 to 500°C
44φ30mm×23mm Standard grip -50 to 500°C
Thermocouple type
EType E
KType K


Cable type

TSFor WE-11, 13, 21, 23
Temp.range : 240°C , Outer diameter : φ2.3mm , Sheath material : Silicone rubber
GWFor WE-12,WE-14,WE-22,WE-24,WE-42,WE-44
Temp.range : 300°C,Outer diameter : 1.2×1.7mm,Sheath material : Glass fiber
TAFor WE-31,WE-33
Temp.range : 200°C , Outer diameter : φ0.9mm , Sheath material : Teflon
ASPAnritsu standard plug
ANPMiniature plug
WWithout plug
WT3Spade terminal for φ3mm
WT4Spade terminal for φ4mm
WT5Spade terminal for φ5mm
WC3Ring terminal for φ3mm
WC4Ring terminal for φ4mm
WC5Ring terminal for φ5mm
ANJY3Spade terminal for φ3mm (made of thermocouple)
ANJY4Spade terminal for φ4mm (made of thermocouple)
ANJC3Ring terminal for φ3mm (made of thermocouple)
ANJC4Ring terminal for φ4mm (made of thermocouple)
WASheathed banana plug