Specifications of Pipe outside probes

Model number*1model 123
Thermocouple typeType E or K
Temp. range*2-50 to 250°C
Tolerance*30°C ≦ t ≦ 200°C±2.5°C
200°C < t ≦ 250°C±3.5°C
Response time*42s
Durability*5B(More than 10,000 contacts)
Guard materialTeflon
Grip materialPhenol Resin

*1 The model number after thermocouple type is omitted.
*2 The operating temperature limit is determined by the allowable temperature limit of the sensor head contacts the measurement target. Note that the operatingtemperature limit is not the same as the allowable temperature limits of the grip, cable, and plug.
*3 Tolerance is available at 0°C or above within the operating temperature on a stationary flat and smooth metal surface.
*4 The response time is the time required to detect 99% of the true value on a flat and smooth metal surface
*5 Number of contacts enabling measurement within the tolerance range on a flat and smooth metal surface at the operating temperature limit.
*6 Please refer to page repair.